Who doesn’t love Joanna Gaines? Who hasn’t sat and watched her transform homes into cozy, designer, showcases! Her style… that’s my style! Modern Farm House! Yeassssss…

I just want to know one thing. What drug is she on and where can I get some!?

Yes, I know, lot’s of hard work, love, ambition, goals, getting up before 9am on weekends. I KNOW – I’ve been there and done that. But I’m 50-*cough* something now and I have slowed waaaaay down. I’m not ready to slow down. I’m not ready to be in bed by 10pm. Not ready for my eyes to quit on me after a mere four hours of work.

Throughout my life many told me I always had too many pans in the fryer. Stop focusing on so many things at once.

Well where were you Joanna when I was getting those lectures! “Just look at Jo-Jo Gaines,” I’d say! Don’t tell me I can’t have 15 hobbies, loves, interests, businesses. I should not have listened. I didn’t listen, not really. I just had no follow through. They’d call it ADHD today. We called it short attention span or the easily distracted ‘Creative Type’. Eye wiggle, eye wiggle.

My parents still have a running bet on whether I fear failure or I fear success more.

I couldn’t say, but I can make excuses. Kids, work, bills, job… the list goes on. Chase the money. Pay the bills. The successful people push through. The semi-successful (cause who can really measure success) plug along and hope one day we’ll finally finish something we started. And that’s really all there is to success, in my book. Keep pushing on and do it, or just keep prattling on about it not doing it.

I never let it get me down, those things still in the fryer yet unfinished. I have too much fun in the dreaming and doing, planning and reinventing. I love the journey. But I’m at the top of the hill looking back and it did hit me, all cliches aside, you’re not getting any younger you might want to go on and finish any one of those sites, books, businesses you’ve been working on.

I am now lucky enough to have a part-time job that pays the bills and a few dozen projects all in the fire. But I still manage to stall and stagnate. I mistakenly believe my eyes will continue to work for 16 hours like they did when I was younger. They don’t. They now require naps.

And there’s Joanna – how many businesses does she have now? The woman has her own network and magazine for goodness sake! Oh yes let the jolly green giant of jealousy rise. But all envy aside. I love Joanna. I love what she’s accomplished (yea Chip did too!). I love that she stands as a beacon for all those dreamers and creatives that told the world, yes- yes I can do 50 things I love all at the same time!

Thank you Joanna, for making me nostalgic for the younger me.

I know I can still do it. 50 is the new 30, and man was a go getter in my 30’s.

I just can’t do it as fast. Damn eyes.

So here we are! Pushing on, opening sites, creating communities! Oh, and writing books.

I’m not getting any younger, time to get these done. Kids are grown – no more excuses.

I feel better. I mean, she’s only got a decade on me.

Still want to know what’s in her morning smoothie though.

Oh, and if I ever make it to that dream farm of mine. I wonder if she’d fly out and design my house. Don’t know, could happen.

Hugs to you all,


image of Joanna Gaines – Pinterest