Currently Planned Series:

  • Tea Before Breakfast (2022)
  • The Earl Wore Grey (2022)
  • My Little Darjeeling (2023)
  • Chai Tea in the Garden (2023)
  • So Long Oolong (2023)
  • more? …. still a mystery …

Tea Harbor Series


Leaving everything and everyone she’s ever known, Meg embarks on a journey across the pond following a dream she’s had since childhood.

What she didn’t plan on was encountering equal parts animosity and friendship. In a small harbor town, where the residents are resistant to change, she will find new companionship within a rag-tag group of woman writers looking for new adventures.

Follow Meg, Tabby, Liza, Darla, Marlese, and an enigmatic Earl as they roust and annoy a sleepy harbor town and uncover its darkest secrets.

Constellation Cafe Series


Post-menopausal, -empty nest, and -graduate studies, Claire Dainz is more than ready to embark on the next chapter of her life.

With her children grown, an ugly divorce finalized, and the completion of her PhD in psychology, Claire sets up a private counseling office atop the coffee shop and bakery run by her son and his partner.

Excited about delving deep into the human psyche and saving a few people from themselves, Claire settles into what she believes will be a calm and peaceful rest-of-her-life.

But some paths contain knowledge no one is prepared for and Khaos is about to take her into far deeper and darker places than just the human mind.

Tellurian Chronicles Series

Sci-fi / Fantasy – 2023

  • Elders Deceit
  • Elders Fall
  • Elders Awakening

Prequel Series:

  • Hand of Sorrow
  • Blade of Woe
  • A Planet Reborn